What is Google Instant Preview

Friday, November 12, 2010

What is Google Instant Preview

Google has introduced a new and great feature and it's called Instant Preview where you can preview a search result before visiting that page. Read all about it here.


What’s New in IE9?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Although the final release of Interneie9t Explorer 9 is still some weeks away, Microsoft has released the beta for download and IE9 promises to change the way people browse the web. Here’s looking at all the new features in IE 9 and how they will redefine your browsing experience.


Toshiba Satellite L505: A quality and cheap wireless laptop

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is life without a laptop and a laptop without net connection? Well this holds true at least for me. I cannot imagine getting my work done without my Toshiba Satellite L505 at my beck and call. For $510, it surely is a prized catch. After all it’s not often that you get cheap wireless laptops that are also of good quality and give more than decent performance.


Samsung mobile Corby Pro is a great phone!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

After having owned the Samsung mobile coby pro or the Samsung GT B5310, I can vouch for one thing: it’s a great mobile phone. The Samsung corby pro is loaded with great features like 3G, GPS,  Wi-Fi, QUERTY keypad that slides in and out smoothly, 3.2 MP camera that takes some pretty good photos and the video recorder is quite capable too. This full touch smartphone is the bigger and higher priced cousin of the Samsung corby plus B3410W mobile. The essential difference between the two is that the corby plus lacks 3G functionality, has a 2 MP camera as compared with the Samsung mobile corby pro’s 3.2 MP camera, has a smaller screen and the quality of the keyboard is definitely on the lower side. You’ll realize this if you have held the corby plus after checking out the corby pro mobile.

The corby pro comes with 200 MB internal memory expandable to 16 GB, a 2GB microSD card free, pretty good head phones, USB connector, and charger. The mobile Corby Pro has a pretty good talk time of  up to 8 hours. With a full charge and normal phone usage along with listening to music and browsing the net my Pro’s battery easily lasts for two days, which is quite good. Although the Corby Pro’s Dolfin browser isn’t great for browsing you can download hundreds of apps including the quite popular Opera mini mobile browser and your internet experience will surely become much more enjoyable.

The touch-resistive screen is quite responsive and fun to use. The mobile corby pro has an accelerometer which is quite standard nowadays. What this means is the screen adjusts horizontally if you tilt the phone sideways, which is very useful while viewing images and playing cool mobile games. The Pro also has a in-built image editor that has decent capabilities like image resizing, cropping, adding elements, changing the color properties and more. Also the phone’s camera has multiple adjustable settings for capturing still, moving images or multiple images in quick time. Even though its low light capabilities aren’t up to the mark, the mobile corby pro shoots quite good pictures when the light is adequate. I would have loved an auto-flash feature though. Still, the smile detection feature of the Pro is a thoughtful addition. And did I mention there’s a secondary camera in the Corby Pro as well for video calling? But be aware that you can only use it if you have 3G call capability otherwise it’s not of any use.

Another feature of the mobile corby pro I like are the three background options. Yes you have 3 different front screen displays that you can flip through and keep different widgets on each. Speaking of widgets the ability to make changes to the side widget library is great and I can watch my favorite You Tube videos or tweet about the latest happening in an instant. It also allows you to access Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Bebo and other SNS. But I recommend you download the official Facebook app as it’s more easy to use with more features than the pre-loaded FB widget.

The QUERTY keyboard has a very nice feel to it and that’s the most important thing which counts when using any mobile’s keypad. You should enjoy pressing the buttons. Also the buttons are well spaced out and adequately sized so even if you large sized fingers you won’t trip on two buttons simultaneously. The mobile corby pro also features a non-querty touch keypad which is still useful for typing short SMSes or Googling stuff online.

Another great feature is the Gmail and Google Maps service. All you need is  a net connection for using them.
GPS navigation is very friendly and free of cost. Apart from Gmail you can also set up different mail accounts and reply to mails and even add attachments. Speaking of attachments the Pro comes with a pdf reader that is quite handy as many documents are in pdf format. But it lacks a document editor. But I really cannot fault the mobile for this as for its price it has many more features than its closest rivals like the Nokia E63. The Samsung mobile corby pro comes with a screen cover but I realized that it wasn't set right and ended up getting separated once the screen sleeves got stuck in jeans pocket. And its not advisable to use any touch screen mobile with a proper screen shield. So better get a new screen shield for your corby pro right after purchase.

I also love the smart unlock feature where you can just draw a preset figure on the screen to unlock the phone. Of course you can always use the unlock button on the right if you feel it's more convenient. Although the corby pro isn't exactly a powerhouse unlike some of its more esteemed cousins like the Samsung Galaxy or Star 3G, still it packs in quite a punch. I have had no hang up issues while listening to my favorite music as well as browsing the net simultaneously. The Pro also supports Java and flash video as well as MP4 sound format so it's a pretty today phone with features that will see you through 2 years easily. Let me add the Wi-Fi experience was also amazing and I can download stuff at a pretty quick speed.

All in all, a very trendy looking, light, feature rich, and snazzy phone. If I were to rate it on a 10-point scale I would give it 8.5


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